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. Company through the end of the road, this position doesn't make much sense.
Just then, Gu Hong came to the phone. Different from what I imagined, and she has no sense of fatigue,beats by dre studio cheap price, gas on the phone, and is clearly a good thing.
See Gu Hong in the overseas Chinese community, and my eyes lit up. Some things in life are refreshed, some things are in decline, people can often see something refreshing, heart knot will be much less. Gu Hong of haven't seen each other for three months, had entered another realm. Her short dress trousers, black and red. Sat in front of me, even the heat rushing to.
"Is not the same, you'll jump jump is good! "I praised the sentence.
Gu Hong picked up "white seven-" pass me, we like Buddy did,beats by dre studio cheap price, eating,beats by dre studio cheap price, chatting while smoking to.
The third part
Looking for, desire
Gu Hong smiles, very descriptive. Facial features are carefully painted. Ten-finger tip, Mace, painted to look like flower petals. Under the low cut red t-shirt,beats by dre studio cheap price, cleavage can be heard.
Gu Hong began speaking in a cut of steak, a look of enjoy life. She was born with a kind temperament, as if born to the access to such sites. Underneath her that kind of publicity, was actually composed, is one step at a time,beats by dre studio cheap price, firmly into the Hall, sit Center location on, people look up to. Her eyes are the eyes, watched with a sense of defiance. I get quite close to her at the moment, I can see this increasingly sophisticated girl, writes a dismissive – indeed face contempt to the sensual world. She wants to take it, it is not because I like it.
Turn on the road, friendship Mall, I Gu Hong for a spin around an unguarded, she stopped in front of it. When I looked up, stiffen up--turned out to be lingerie counter. All kinds of underwear all over, tempting, it makes people's eyes have nowhere to put it.
Pick on her at the counter, and look at work, and then picked up two sets. In the course of the two look to my side on purpose.
"My people, not used to be too liberal ... .Related Articles:
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