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. Compared with the learning in the classroom, children more pleasure of such "fieldwork."
Please detail as possible--the way you get places for children to go to that day.
--After witnessing things that look like airplane, all the staff gets into the mountains and soon,beats by dre studio apple, right?
Height appears as though Flash plane,beats by dre studio apple, reminds us of the war all of a sudden, but it was just an instant. Generally speaking we are extremely delighted, pleased. Good weather is cloudless, and hardly a breath of air, silence of the mountains, hear only birds. Walking in there,beats by dre studio apple, and what war feels like a distant country,beats by dre studio apple, speak to us of two unrelated. We sing the song together on the road, a loud bird calls from time to time. Get rid of war continues, may said it was a perfect morning.
"The Plaza", we draw breath, put down, and then divided into three or four groups, began to mushrooms. My discipline is: do not go where the figure was not to see each other. I give them all together and repeatedly stressed that discipline. Though familiar, but depths once got lost in there, it is very troublesome thing. But in the end, a gang of kids, mining mushroom charm, before you know it will take discipline to forget the back of the head. So I always side of mushrooms, points with his eyes the children's heads.
Children began to pour on the ground, was about to "square" for the Center ten minutes after the mushrooms.
Yes, it is. Into the mountains from the plane in less than five minutes, I think. We left in the Middle mountain road, into the hillside stepped on a trail in the Woods. But the relatively steep. Climbing for ten minutes and came to a clearing in the forest. Quite small, like a desktop is levelled. After entering the forest, there was silence around, the Sun has thrown open freely, the air becomes cold and frightening, and long Ping Estate, here is the top of the head light, a small square. Every time we climb "bowls" are almost there. Because there-I Related Articles:
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