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. "Wang xiaoya enfold me immediately after you close the door.
 "Small, may not, here is a hug, and no curtains. "I can't wait.
 "A knife to my neck, I have to get enough. "Her voice fell, has lived on the tips of one's toes in my mouth. I wanted to push her, launching into holding her fingers. D ' Amato? Why I don't mess up.
 "Tang GE, last time you broke me, were those kidnappers stirs out, right now,beats by dre studio 2013, will you? "She was blushing,beats by dre studio 2013, legs seemed to have left the ground, her body shook with your hands hanging around my neck, I had to hold her, lest she fall. She goes up my legs hooked me. Can't help it, moaning softly. I would love to, but I can't, not afraid, but also has at least one girl.
 "Small, thanks for your hard work, take a break, okay? "I really couldn't bear to let go.
 "Tang GE, you good or bad". She is scolding, because she was crying.
 "Tang GE, I can't take it anymore. "She was even crazier. Usually the quiet girl,beats by dre studio 2013, shame is no longer at this time. I just hugged her and put her on the sofa, she misunderstood what I meant, but she just let go, I stood up.
 "Tang GE, you mark my words, I miss Wang xiaoya, is your man, death is your soul. In this life, and afterlife afterlife, are ' belong to you. "She said, suddenly got up and opened the door and ran out. This is the second time she said those words.
 I hug her Kiss, leaving the stands, leaving the oath God.
 In my life,beats by dre studio 2013, have attended many receptions,beats by dre studio 2013, banquets, large and small. Just don't have the Hongmen banquet. Today the honour, the first taste of Hongmen banquet experience.
 I was this morning at 10 o'clock in the morning got n. Ruth's invitation, red invitations, gilding in Chinese and English.
 Men should get to heaven, of hell under courage. Beneath the good things it can miss, but bad things tend to want to hide on Earth eluded, that's called life.
 Location: Straits hotel "Eastern Mediterranean".
 Time: 12 o'clock noon today;
 "Usually, thRelated Articles:
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