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  Maybe, I'm avoiding to face up to this challenge. I humble feel very vulgar, and can't afford to Qiao Hui. I'm not scared not hurt at all.
  Every night, people too tired to almost a crawl in bed. I never seriously thought about how to deal with our relationship?
  Du Fanghua is right, Qiao Hui sentiment is no better than mine.
  Qiao Hui is absolutely will not take the initiative to knock at my door.
  Two loves in my life man, character, Gu Changji what more?
  Tonight, I came back from work, and Qiao Yuan, only for Qiao Xue a plane. Hoping to be with sister-in-law along for her,beats by dre solo travel case, there is an ineradicable ties. II we have nowadays very few drivers at night, or to pay overtime wages. The expenditures have to be filled up a lot,beats by dre solo travel case, province by province. I decided to drive on your own Qiao Xue to the airport.
  Qiao Xue set foot on the car,beats by dre solo travel case, since I took over several sheets of paper towel, wipe away tears, just like nothing happened immediately.
  Qiao Xue this silly boy, Joe day bed, crying like a baby, but Joe days Mang no know. She hugged her mother for quite a while, old and refuses to let go. Qiao Feng and three aunts were there burst out a face full of tears.
  And blessed are the people who have to drive.
  This amount of attorney fees alone, is very substantial.
  I nod:
  I could not answer.
  A traffic light in front,beats by dre solo travel case, I braked.
  "So ,beats by dre solo travel case... ..."
  "Do you still love aiwenruoru not it? I'm sorry, I should not mention him ... ... "
  Car moving again.
  I can't say, I don't want to hear, listen, my heart sick.
  Are you?
  I'm confused:
  No, I don't.
  Car to the airport.
  I reply.
  We deliver luggage to the airport freight clerk.
  I take snow's shoulder, and let myself look at her nice young face.
  I have no objection to ourselves and to strive for achievement as a way of revenge, no one waRelated Articles:
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