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. Shirley opened the door,beats by dre solo review 2012, rushed out of the House.
  Well vegetated cut, hold her in the back.
  Well vegetated suddenly realized the gravity of the matter. He said she was wearing clothes, even walking around the shoe then ran, Shirley has come to the gate in the fence, ready to go.
  "--Don't worry about me! "Shirley wanted to withdraw well vegetated, did not succeed," wow "a voice cried out, very loud shrieking voice in the night sky.
  Shirley cried fire, bones broken, hands behind your fence door, sitting on the cold, damp land, who also pulled up.
  She cried all night,beats by dre solo review 2012.
  “…… My mom and dad took one mile, gave birth to me get dumped! --My previous life of people ... ... You put me back, I would also like to give my mother ... ... "
  Shirley cried passed out in the past.
58 (1) funeral of mother-in-law Wen Gaohong
  The next morning, Shirley back to my parents ' home. That night, her mother died. Before she died, she took her daughter by the hand, saying it was to see well vegetated,beats by dre solo review 2012, have something to say to him ... ...
  And if you go back the next day, her brother,beats by dre solo review 2012, said his mother died.
  Well vegetated hurried to Dong Licun, at mother's funeral.
  Shirley's father to well vegetated lingqian, Shirley and their uncles and sisters knelt there, crying throat hoarse, his eyes swollen I can't keep my eyes open. Father-in-law, mother-in-law name called, say well vegetated, something not done voice is shaking up, followed by kneeling lingqian women wept loudly. Well vegetated with three sweet light, facing the coffin prayer three times, and then plug in incense ash.
  Yard is full of people, busy. Five sons cremate, can't tell who is who. On weekdays, brother-in-law-bashing each other with glassy eyes,beats by dre solo review 2012, expressionless, family don't seem to know him.
  Is such a strong woman, but illness claimed the lives much earlier. Mother-in-law heard when wants to see him again, had sometRelated Articles:
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