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... ... In love with another girl? "She asked with trembling, and intermittent voice.
Jiang Bai was silent for a minute. The question he was little more than a surprise. But he soon realized: in between him and the white snow, telling the truth is unavoidable.
Men, men are the ones how careless people. For a moment girl sitting in front of the window. She knew he didn't love her,beats by dre solo purple, and from the first time he saw her frown,beats by dre solo purple, she would feel that he doesn't love her like they did. After his second frown, she was likely to continue with him in the past for his love had completely desperate.
He did not move his eyes. This, then, a little, girls face the tears stopped.
"Who is she? "A long time, she whispered, afraid of asking a man as cold,beats by dre solo purple, without looking at him.
"Her name is Rhine. "He says, thinking: on the Rhine, or say as little as well.
"She saw you? "A moment's silence,beats by dre solo purple, her tone is sharp.
"Might be. "Jiang Baike, equally sharp to answer.
"You asked me to come here today, is to say to that? "After a while, she suddenly whispered, irritably asked.
She seems liberated quickly from his own weakness, carefully with a piece of flower a handkerchief to wipe away tears on his face, turned her face to him.
White River froze a chilling reminder.
Her throat.
She had to calm herself down as much as possible. He found her again as her strong and stubborn. That's good, he thought.
Two people quietly drinking coffee and water. Her eyes just calm was restored around free.
"Ask, right? "He looked at her, feeling nervous, she still did not call Jiang Bai brother.
Jiang Bai excited.
Her head down,beats by dre solo purple, tear drops fall down on the carpet.
"I've heard people say that ... ... But we don't believe, "she SOBs," today you told me ... ... I would like to believe ... ... "
Lady came over and looked at the snow, looked at the following.
Snow quickly wiping awRelated Articles:
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