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. I went early in the morning to find the bamboo. She was silent, several doors are open, and no one, only Hong Erniang's door was closed, I pushed a bit, push up, tied up. I looked inside of the wall joints.
  Suddenly, in front of all, surprised I can't breath.
  Missing woman a bitch on the Palm, wringing her naked body, kicking his legs, "OOo wow OOo wow" and cried.
  Hong Erniang holding the missing woman, trembling, she walked slowly to the already prepared before the toilet, eyes shut hard, like a needle, backwards, missing girl thrown into a toilet, and immediately jumped on the bed, covered his head with the quilt.
  Missing woman's crying ones, toilet shakes violently, a slight sound of the water rushing out of the water and vesicles, a pair of tiny feet out of the water, kicking a few edges down the toilet, it sank instantly and fall silent ... ... I scared the soul out of the activity,beats by dre solo old version, clutching his mouth run along home.
  I told mother see everything's mother sat on a low stool,beats by dre solo old version, like disease, is soft.
  Soon, missing woman running through the yard can't suck up milk starved of news. Missing girl by her uncle made from bamboo mat rolled up, buried under the planetesimals, the row of cedar.
  I follow the mother's exhortations, and has been keeping it a secret.
  Production team meeting this year,beats by dre solo old version, the selection "save the pacesetters," Captain strongly recommend Hong Erniang, said Hong Erniang had a new year's day, just bought one and a half pounds of meat, without having to push her who?
  "I'm steaming mad at you,beats by dre solo old version, poor man, shit, I can't wait to get one good meal to eat a pig. "Said she burst into tears. "If it weren't for hungry stomachs,beats by dre solo old version, nutritional deficiency, how can my daughter be short? How to die? "It tears dancing elderly and women.
  The production team is still recommRelated Articles:
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