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  Economics of keywords:
  Complements-in the eyes of consumers, "mix" of the two commodities.
  Competing products are substitutes, such as five separate gloves and mittens.
  Complementary is in the eyes of consumers is "with" the two goods, such as shoes and right shoes in his left foot.
  For example, in the a world without thieves "thief" King of thin, "thief Lady" Wang Li.
  World can have such sort of thief? So handsome and beautiful male and female thief thief?
  Will, will. Said the Director of the world without thieves, this movie wasn't that strong regional,beats by dre solo matte black, even pirated to United States, the "root" into the United States wage earners of Mexico who, the story is set up.
  Alleged thieves have in common is the same.
  After the temple encounters, pregnant Wang Li conscience fall into self-blame and a dilemma for their wandering lover is dead set on, be true.
  Lover boy-one piece of thin, conscience, for love to make "no thief" choice, is because of the beautiful Wang Li and her complement each other,beats by dre solo matte black, he and the female thief steal woman Wang Lifu, travel with. Two covering each other, promote each other, Wang Li is responsible for flirting with someone, thin, Wang is in charge of extortion;
  But his relationship with Wang Li is not the case.
  His relationship with Wang Li is the coffee and Coffee-mate,beats by dre solo matte black, milk and chocolate.
  Orange juice prices fell, thin King may buy orange juice, buy less Apple juice; and vice versa, if the orange juice prices rose, King slim may buy less orange juice,beats by dre solo matte black, buy more Apple juice. Obviously, orange juice and Apple juice in fact there is a clear trade-off between. Alternatives refers to a price change caused another two items that increased demand for goods.
  When the Middle East oil crisis when, in the United States, the demand for large vehicles such as Cadillac will drop, it is because there is a complementary relationship between automobiRelated Articles:
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