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. Probably because only shook hands with someone because of Xu
Back to the Mainland "," visits where "," impressions of the city ' and so on, TV
The Mayor all ears to clean their hands, small talk while an old friend asked guests "is how many times
Multicast receive foreign guests to the Central heads consistent. Guests ranging from answering, Mayor Xu is very modest when it comes to this
City started late, despite some progress in recent years,beats by dre solo leak, but there is a lot of, in the 90 day
To say it was very backward. And then when it comes to Wang Guangsheng informed overseas must be as a family for the city
All aspects of the work give us your comments. We are all Chinese,beats by dre solo leak!
Mr Wang also said many mainland is developing rapidly, as usual, open policy is very familiar. However,
Exclusively a man's world, after all,beats by dre solo leak, the lack of taste, he speak the words of his mouth is dry.
"This Wang qinghe, we very much hope that ... ..."
Suddenly away Chen Kunsheng asked in a low voice:
Mayor Xu wanted to subject to the cooperation projects, and to introduce the city's preferential policies, Yao Wang
"That's too bad. "Wang Yaoxian brow wrinkles her, that is very disappointing.
Sitting next to Mayor Xu heard this, ask a pair of elbow lay twisted on the table face Lu Kora:
"Her, ginger men soldiers,beats by dre solo leak, I could not move. "Lv Gaoliang stole through the eyes look to the Mayor Xu
"Always to obey the Foreign Affairs! "Mayor Xu said one sentence.
Lv Gaoliang took Mayor Xu ear softly says:
"We want to put the Lin Yandong commissions to, such persons, active overseas,beats by dre solo leak, sit on the loop
At this time the waitress had everyone drinks the discretion. Lv Gaoliang rose address:
"Tonight, we are very happy, stops here welcome to Wang Yaoxian from Hong Kong
Student. Mr WONG is a first time in qinghe. We know that the first impression is very important ... ... "
Sometime it can NET.
Lv Gaoliang very good words, is also a large cast of guru. His "first impression" big net spread, tRelated Articles:
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