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  Xu Haoyun vibration feverishly writing the planning of cooperation with aoshi, once in a while looked up and saw three people walked out of the elevator, is a week devoted to the left, the right guy he doesn't know, but the guy in the middle was very familiar to him, is that his five cousins, he hid under the table.
  Week devoted watched them go back inside the Office, Xu Haoyun hasn't disappeared,beats by dre solo komplett, he went into the pantry to see nothing, then turned around and saw a hand sticking out from under the table. "Uncle, save me. "Because Xu Haoyun promised to marry Zhou Lanzhi,beats by dre solo komplett, a wife in seniority on short cut.
  Xu Haoyun heard the "old pervert" was coming, feel uneasy.
  "Yang take a seat. "The weeks devoted to greet him.
  Half an hour later, Yang Tianhai sure enough, as soon as he walked in with bedroom eyes staring at Xu Haoyun straight look.
  Week devoted as he was talking,beats by dre solo komplett, but my eyes are staring into tea-tea room Xu Haoyun.
  "Wait, I'm going to get. "The weeks devoted to stand up and go back to his desk to get information.
  Yang Tianhai was a loud screaming with pain, caressing his knee with both hands.
  "How about you? I cannot be a man? If I were a woman,beats by dre solo komplett, you want to eat me ' tofu ', isn't it? You the man in the black sheep of the inexcusable. "Xu Haoyun ruthlessly kicked his foot on his lap, he has always been the most disgusting people.
  "What's wrong? "Sincere standing outside the week asked,beats by dre solo komplett.
  "Jokes! You think that without you, we cannot cooperate with aoshi's chances? You deserve your own. "Xu Haoyun irony goes back.
  "Do you? Huh! "Yang Tian Hai so turn around and walk out.
  Xu Haoyun followed behind him out of the pantry.
  Xu Haoyun sat back to the desk, he continued to write spoken book, inwardly madao: hateful Yang Tianhai, I accidentally leaked a late, ran into him again, must be hard to pay the Bill.
  Xu Xiuming in aoshi enterprises, Chairman of the InterRelated Articles:
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