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  Lieutenant Jones went down, on the occasion of the dawn of victory has arrived, he was down. He cannot be the companions who work together to share the fruits of victory. However, the glorious history of the special operations forces had him written in blood and lives on a brilliant record, he used his flesh to prove previous irrefutable truth of modern war: modern warfare inseparable from special operations forces, special operations forces is the bridge to the victory.
  Early in the second world war on the battlefields of Europe, British and French troops in Nazi Germany clusters under the assault of the armored suffered heavy losses. Dunkirk also gives British forces defeat sapped almost all equipment is discarded, only people alive back to the bed. Troops who survived, only losses are not large Navy and, consequently,beats by dre solo hd warranty, must rectify the air force, rebuild the army.
  Churchill's counterattack while Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff,beats by dre solo hd warranty, organization, but at the same time opposition to large troop formation implement counterattack. Thus, Clark's plan immediately received Churchill's formal approval.
  In this case, the British army attacked aggressively simply cannot afford to consider how we could get across the Strait was the German occupation of France's West Coast,beats by dre solo hd warranty, inability far attacked the Germans heavily fortified Denmark to Norway along the northern coastline. But the United Kingdom's war Cabinet had recognized that was pushing a way to hit the enemy,beats by dre solo hd warranty, is the link between between headlands along the Northern Pyrenees and long coastline, with a series of raids to harass the German army. First put forward this proposal is Army Chief of staff, John. Greer. Dearborn's Adjutant datuolai. Lieutenant-Colonel kelakelujun.
  "Gemande" force after the establishment,beats by dre solo hd warranty, by the United Kingdom Department of the army general staff directly. At that time, the United Kingdom band "gemande" renumbered as 10 units, each unit consistinRelated Articles:
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