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  Never lose the pure love
  Tianhua group headquarters building is located at Repulse Bay, and Quan Yin goddess of mercy Pavilion on the island echo each other across the Bay. It is the highest city is also one of the most magnificent buildings, gold glass curtain wall shows the Palace of despot. Its styling has also been characterized,beats by dre solo hd user review, and goddess of mercy pavilion opposite JACK. They are like a mother and son, across the sea, relying on each other. It can be seen, Liao Kai for a mother and son building is quite a lot of thought.
  Liao Kai spends little time at the Tin Wah building, spent most of the time in the guanyinge, mainly hosted by the Yellow River. But as long as he is coming to,beats by dre solo hd user review, that companies have major events occurred. Tian hua's Mercedes-Benz 600 employees as long as discovery parked downstairs, all hold up one ' s voices of static gas, carefully, afraid to make a little noise to it.
  Most wanted has happened,beats by dre solo hd user review, which was angered by Liao Kai. He knew well enough, if it is not processed in a timely manner, it will lead to catastrophe. A spark into the force of a prairie fire, little nest will make Trinidad breakwater collapse overnight. It should be said, that he created the most serious challenges to China.
  Now, Liao Kai, sitting in the Chairman's Office, and a bashed face and constantly smoking a cigarette. Sitting across from him on the Yellow River, nervous and haunted mien eyes through thick glasses at Liao Kai slip sliding on his face covered with grease.
  "Why not 57? "Liao Kai he wrinkled his brow, sink asked the Yellow River.
  "I've called him on the phone,beats by dre solo hd user review, going fast! "Look at the wrist of the Yellow River, anxious look on his face.
  Said Cao Cao,beats by dre solo hd user review, Cao Cao. Liao Kai volleying, 57 for staggering into the door. He walked to the couch next to lazily asks him to rush anything, as if he were on fire. Then sat at the side of the Yellow River.
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