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Yan Lin Ding Lanlan that he had told Li Jieming winter schedule. He qianenwanxie get off the phone immediately
According to the clues around for her. Come afternoon, finally was found in a rural stations Lin Yandong.
"What have I done? "Listen to that sound a little out of breath,beats by dre solo hd review vs beats solo, Lin Yandong surprised.
Listen to tones, Yan Lin and happy winter. Li Jieming bad about myself, say business is business:
Yan Lin Dong tone this time,beats by dre solo hd review vs beats solo, Li Jieming but happy. It seems this Wang Yaoxian purely romantic,
Yan Lin Dong didn't take him to heart! However, they are very different from the ordinary. Propitiate him-to say
"All right then,beats by dre solo hd review vs beats solo. -"He is going to call.
"Hey, Li Jieming," again called out to him, saying, "Wang Yaoxian is my friend, my grandma's House
"Where then? Just because your friend, I'm for him blow half a day. Lu Director but regarded him as a fragrance
"Hey,beats by dre solo hd review vs beats solo, Li Jieming, we at least are socialism this way, who is who? "Yan Lin Dong gurgling
"That's right, a camp, haha! "His speaker laughed.
Put down the phone, Li Jieming was very good.
However, the meal in the evening, Lin Yandong less is also a problem. What should we do? Want to go, let him
Also worked to complete the task before.
Thought of Yan Lin Dong's father. If so please come to dinner Chen Kunsheng, Wang Yaoxian be an account, Director of the LU
So,beats by dre solo hd review vs beats solo, he called "the Park" calls. Chen Kunsheng might also withhold a few words, then Li Jieming
Said to be "work", who answered.
Chen Kunsheng self-proclaimed "half a gourmet." Like to eat and drink, yet costs nothing dinner, why
Don't want to! He put down the phone, back East, reclining on the sofa, lighted a cigarette, it feels a little better
And excitement. He recalled that when he was young, I'm not so greedy. While at University, buy chicken bone chew
"First teacher". Maybe when the standard of catering is not low, and going every day, he did not
Solved the problem. After the wedding, look MOM had done for him, he had neRelated Articles:
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