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 "Do you? "Pick up the crying tears of a face, lifted red eyes staring at him.
 Reluctantly the King smiled at him and a promise: "Yeah, you and me, if you will, this life we
 Picker paused! This guy had no idea what I'm saying, right?
 But the King understand that in actual combat.
 He knew that he had a brother, brother than ever before.
 Just can't understand why this brothers up especially soft, ... ... Gentle?
 Probably ,beats by dre solo hd... ... Because he never got to hold age of juveniles.
 Txtnovel.BBS.topzjtxtnovel.BBS.topzj gold three dead, but this
Wind step must not be allowed to cloud the message known.
 Endured pain medicine once again delivering meals to their cells; it has become a tacit agreement between them. Not only is she to
Wind cloud, as well as her General kitchens.
 General kitchen Chief eunuch Zhou Gonggong has become accustomed to, he liked the name "silk" komiya
-Send, and he was happy to idle.
Women also enjoy her company, Princess and so every two or three days of special meals,beats by dre solo hd, to the "Palau"
 Silk silk and these two special days like obsessed with this girl?
 "Yeah,beats by dre solo hd, yeah, for decades had never happened, but don't worry, our Palace guards fixed
 "That's not. Heard this a lot, even the right Prime Minister personally, they must be
 Silk-silk and silent, eyes sullen.
 Week father-in-law took silk silk hand came to the side of the kitchen,beats by dre solo hd, her eyes kind. "The silk silk girl, don't blame her father-in-law would speak.
 Wind a total sergeants is a big good man, but he is dying, you ... ... But don't be really.
While people come to in our Palace, Imperial kitchen of people you may not have noticed the little girl, but a couple of things to be careful
 "You know what would be good. "The week looked at her father, could not help but sigh. "Be careful,
 Medicine nod,beats by dre solo hd, heartbeat has suddenly accelerated.
 When starting her cell, constantly analyzing, kept thinking make the |, she aRelated Articles:
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