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  Yi ran knocks walnut,beats by dre solo fakes, a heart full of walnut to jump out, he handed me, saying, you talk to me,beats by dre solo fakes, do you?
  I stiffen, long said, Yee Ran Ge ... ... I wanted to take my boyfriend look at you, you give me information?
  Yi ran smile on her face hasn't changed: Yes! Walnut hand into my Palm, found that for the first time in pieces.
  Yun Ye come to my house, hair cut, wearing a white shirt,beats by dre solo fakes, looks lie downin. In the form of a unanimous vote by parental review. We sat under a walnut tree, a walnut fell, Yun Ye casually picked up a stone brick, bang bang, Walnut ash.
  Should it! A clear voice rang up March go to Yi-ran, he got his hand on that nice little hammer,beats by dre solo fakes, spin gracefully walnuts in his hand, a few slight fragmentation followed, a walnut hearts breaking through. He handed Walnut Yun Ye, Yun Ye blinked: boy, good skill!
  Yun Ye a copy of Yi-ran a small hammer, is unfortunate, whatever the practice, Yun Ye is also knocked out a whole walnut.
  Part v, section 43rd kiss you
  Yi-ran out of time, I accompanied him to the station. Standing on a crowded platform, Yi ran said: I think hammers for you, but I'm afraid he's knocking bad nuclear ┨ shake ... Feeling strange in his voice, turned around and looked at, only to find he is tears.
  Shenzhen and
  After graduation, I have roots in Shenzhen Yun Ye came to this city. Our living room is not big, but very warm. Streets of Shenzhen are long-legged beauties, hold us back door girls, keep straight hair, big eyes. Pale, Yun Ye say, I lived for a few months, other than the fact that her name is howling, nothing about him. But I have a gut feeling to know she is from Shanghai, because her style, only Shanghai women possess.
  The other day, and Yun Ye from the supermarket to buy a lot of food, and rejoice in our home, out of order, had to climb the stairs. See howling, walking upstairs also holds a lot of food.
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