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  "What are you talking about it! Quit it! "Old Lu said angrily. Finish so they signaled him back,beats by dre solo diamond, 38,250 straight in the Office shouting till midnight.
  With the support of old Lu,beats by dre solo diamond, the new Director of morale greatly,beats by dre solo diamond, inspire confidence and also do whatever it wants in the factory, and unscrupulous. Old Lu not only thoroughly gone over him and ratted everybody, well vegetated they received criticism from superiors. Order if we do not achieve total removal from Office.
  New Manager does not understand the process or management. Old Lu suggested bottling contracted out, turned a profit every year, factory manager as shuaishouzhanggui. New Director listened to think this was a good idea,beats by dre solo diamond, so called leaders to a meeting, and everyone agrees.
  Programme sets down, Office posted in the factory, claiming that as long as the factory workers can sign up for. Contractors have to pay millions of dollars a year profit enterprise liquidity needs of hundreds of thousands of, most people who have the guts? A few days off, no one jiebang. Factories and investigate, decided well vegetated and old piecewise Lui contracting, old Lu contracted purple, well vegetated contracted black pottery, beautiful pottery.
  Purple line crowd, beautiful pottery lines are few, as we know well vegetated, so expect him to come, but not well vegetated with so many people, some people sign in despair, feeling old Lu did not have confidence.
  After the separation plant, it deals to begin preparations for production. Old Lu there has always been a normal production, factory prepared the ingredients that can operate without having to purchase, not well vegetated. He had to put in new equipment and raw materials to begin the run. Well vegetated, so look for student loans for more than 100,000 yuan, as liquidity. Organizers worked day and night to develop severRelated Articles:
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