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... ... Like four of them, seriously ... ... "
  He suddenly received word, after a while, all of a sudden turn around and go, I foolishly in the spot, a while to react to others was gone, nothing below to hear--that Georgie, comforted my bruised egos, just tell me how good I was, what is the "your reputation more important than mine?" Listen respectfully tone that makes one a little panic-the longest so prodigal of returning home a pair of even speak two coax women naughty words, it's a shame.
  Unexpectedly, it was primary four.
  I blinked, finally see that face, couldn't help but laugh, gestured him to come in.
  This kid's pretty faces are red, family history and personal life really begins to talk honestly, words I side look, a SIP of booze and drink every now and then plug in the two words. But the entire portrait in two, half to sit here, sipping wine, amuse the little-guy, laughed, as if happy, it tube who married tube who's single,beats by dre solo dark blue, significant other,beats by dre solo dark blue, don't know where sailing, catch catch my heart is empty.
  Drank and drank, my cup too uncomfortable,beats by dre solo dark blue, and simply picked up wine bottles filled directly, scared out of four next to persuade me to stop drinking, anxious and sweating, and I took a bottle of laugh for joy.
Chapter III Thosegoodolddreams (5)
  And he certainly didn't pull again, I didn't dare to follow,beats by dre solo dark blue, and instead ran away.
  Touch all the way past the wall, I stood at the balcony door, suddenly remembered there is no key, hate have to knock yourself on the head, but it was not to be dissuaded, grabbed the door knob round, eh? You drive.
  Hey, the kids know, not only is he going to blackmail people. I am snigger, if I remember correctly, Georgie's Office out on the left, there's a VIP top boxes designed for Su Xin hospitality, bar wine rack in there can be millions of wine-not-me,beats by dre solo dark blue, I go to the mountains.
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