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  She said she didn't know, go anywhere as long as you quickly.
  Why do I say you can't reach. She was in tears, and after half a day of silence and sheepishly says to me: I ... ... Fear ... ...
  She leaned on my shoulder, she even drove the car I fly. I drove out to the suburbs, driving on the sidewalk, take a piece of dark woods quietly.
  I am a tiger! I smiled when I said, and you can't really miss you hate you.
  I can't wait to let go of her in the car. I kissed her hair, her face, narcissus I said I love you, do you know how much I love you?
  Her face showed unusual brilliance, she stared surprised child-like eyes. Suddenly she micro-vertical head, two red cloud striking quickly fly in the cheeks. She is somewhat shy to Re, his hands gently rubbed roundabout and, like a coming out the world for the first time, meeting a stranger for the first time the country small-Chan-liang. Her dreamy whisper: I ... ... Cheng Ge ... ... This ... ... : Really ... ... I ... ... In love ... ...
  I was shy of her long time love being deeply infected,beats by dre solo cnet.
  Suddenly, she is like waking from a dream,beats by dre solo cnet, first head speaks softly,beats by dre solo cnet, slowly swing up like crazy. She said no ... ... This is not possible ... ... How is it possible ... ... No! no! way you lie to me! she cried after her hysterical, wretched shivering all over. She said in a low voice: Cheng Ge ... ... You ... you ... Lie to me ... ... I can ... ... In love ... ...
  Narcissus, the poor girl! I kissed her smooth brow. I said I really love you!
  I just fell in love,beats by dre solo cnet.
  She said nothing, and cried even more sad. Her arms held a band caught my lumbar, hoop even though the law of God and the devil are take me away from her.
  I gently turned over the diary of narcissus, I see she is the species we love in the first place.
  Friday, March 24,beats by dre solo cnet, there is little wind and sunny (spring wind)
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