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After drinking a couple of beers, Zhen Yingjie stood up briefly smiled shyly: "I go to the bathroom, you continue to eat! "Dears said he took a peek at the island. Hou Dao did not understand what he meant, but to meet his smiled.
"And by the way, why don't you go to the bathroom? "Liu Xin turned around and asked Hou Dao said with a smile, her eyes full of curiosity, eager to know the right answer.
"Me? "Hou surprised island had a rough, urgent smiled and explained," I am so strong and fierce, is not going to like that! "With that, he Liu Xin,beats by dre solo bluetooth, smile for a while.
"MOM, what did you say, huh? Laughing so much fun. "Mann Mann Hou Dao and Liu Xin, laughing, hands itched well asked curiously.
Adult knows, a human kidney and its related to sexuality, frequently urinate, frequent toilet, while adult men, a kidney weak appearance, a certain image is not strong. Mr Liu Xin Hou Dao,beats by dre solo bluetooth, why don't you go to the bathroom, he immediately thought of those, but Inman presence inconveniences Mann said too bare, so graceful about, and then her grin.
"Mann Mann, to talk to adults, kids listen, don't interrupt,beats by dre solo bluetooth, otherwise it will bear MOM mad! "Hou Dao nice Mann when Mann immediately said," your MOM is not mad at you! You're not angry ... ... "
"Why would I ask! MOM, why are you so angry? "Mann Mann, pouting, a very frustrated look. Kids curious adults laugh and he did not know the reason, I cannot help asking, the result was a blessing from his cool, they don't know what they did wrong turning, why don't you think wronged then?
"Well, I'm not mad. I just don't think...... "Mann Mann Hou Dao to comfort her,beats by dre solo bluetooth, immediately spit tongue, smile explained.
"People say kids don't interrupt. So MOM not happy! "Hou Dao to head Bertelsmann said, and can't find the story,beats by dre solo bluetooth, had to repeat that sentence.
"Is it! Little, know better, come on! "Liu Xin added.
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