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  "If I said yes, how are you? "Yu Xiaojie easily kicking back.
  "I would never allow it! "Ji Yang crazy.
  Ji Bin next to face into the cooked crab, my head does not somehow floating on the scene: her face was in front of him at close range, soft lips on his lips,beats by dre solo artist series, and tongue ... ... His head is dizzy, squeezed into the brain in large quantities of blood, skin tight, almost exploding, buzzing noise in the ears, he tried to go to a small dirty dialogue and big brother.
  "I'm your witch should never be allowed to tarnish my brother! "JI-Yang was fury and don't have time to notice her sly joke look in her eyes.
  "You! "JI young blushing, rout.
  Ji Yang Ji Bin and exhaust sound of moans mingled with, two of the man's face was red. Look at the two so similar appear so similar embarrassed look on his face are almost as deep as the red, small cleaning can't control yourself, hilarious.
  "HA HA HA HA HA HA ,beats by dre solo artist series... ..." in small clean victory attributed triumphant dish.
  "Small facial cleanser, you give me go and see! "Ji Yang crazy.
  "Not being taken? "In aggy cool drift out. Man, even can't take the joke.
  Alas, while going a while back, this person does not trouble Ah!
  "I'll bet you! "JI-Yang magnificent,beats by dre solo artist series.
  "Oh? "In little cleaning eyebrows go up, funny," bet? "She's like a butterfly flying back.
  Drafted the agreement, two people disregarded the party, gave signature on that, vigorous calligraphy.
  "You just wait and be a monk! "Yu Xiaojie triumphant,beats by dre solo artist series.
  Looked at each other in the eyes, flames burning.
  "Who the monk nun who hasn't settled yet! "Ji YanRelated Articles:
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