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Issue. Contradiction much now, the case and the police was insufficient, if you do not take on work methods,
Posture, said Lao Li, I specifically did head several research with your Board about the public security work
In hot water,beats by dre review worth the money. Not my problem nor a busy I can solve the problem. I didn't say
Being lazy, I'm Vice Secretary, why can't accompany you into the case. Key is up to you,
Concentrating their efforts on, improve the job level is up to you. Of course, listening to weeks introduction, Secretary, Public Security Bureau recently for a job
Is pretty good,beats by dre review worth the money.
On the ... ...
Li Dakun quick to say, is to improve the methods of work. Chu said before me also mentioned some
Guan Yinda let Li Dakun said, robbed the thread says, you guys head to take a good look. He
Let Li Dakun said only the two lines was constantly asking questions, and both are trivial, and beyond
Topic. Li Dakun then to question and answer sessions. But he was Li Dakun often you answer, and other topics. He
The leader active thinking, calling people to cope with. No matter how he felt, he will pose a Wei
Doing this. He knew Li Dakun will either feel the leadership had no patience to listen to his speech, Li Dakun
MV. Guan Yinda needs is the result.
Li Dakun look ill at ease,beats by dre review worth the money, and suddenly Guan Yinda said nothing. Is the TV voice of the Office.
Li Dakun table, says it is getting late to bother closed rest, Secretary. Got to his feet. Guan Yinda station
Come on, holding the hands of Li Dakun said, not in a hurry. Should come on.
Guan Yinda just getting ready for him to open the door he caught a corner has a parcel, pull the Li Dakun said, Li you
Li Dakun push Guan Yinda, says close so I embarrassed you, Secretary. What he says wouldn't take back
That package.
Guan Yinda said that Lao Li, I'm with you a sense. I'm old nor a false form kind of people, what the hell
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