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 Then there is gunfire.
 Pan Yadi cried with pain, gunfire resounded in her mind constantly – echoes – the end
"You've got to take care of your body! "She hugged a few days ago emaciated old woman quickly, hot
 Chen Muqiang smiled and patted her on the shoulder, "rest assured that chili sauce is so Beefy! Don't worry about me, huh? What more
 Pan Yadi nodded, turned and crouched down, the little boy could not shoulder shaking but strong stand off half
Tear drop,beats by dre review what hi fi.
 "I know that. "Small party slightly choked, are still clearly answer.
 "Chili sauce ... ..."
 Airport passenger boarding noise radio station,beats by dre review what hi fi, two "Fox" officers have instituted waiting for luggage.
 Older women just shook his head, "MOM knows what you have to say, I know--there is little celebration with my, I won't
--Not too bad--"the last time she embraced the strong woman, tears already face an aspect ratio.
 She nodded, holding the boy's hand went to the gate, the boy again and look back on, and Chen Mu was not
Looking back!
Then fully aircraft flew out of sight,beats by dre review what hi fi; the pain never fades in my mind!
 ★ ★ Cold cold she was lying on a hillside not far from the airport,beats by dre review what hi fi, looking faded, finally leaving only a tiny black spots,
 Yan Chen dead, Xia Xue died, Bing and send to hospital was pronounced dead shortly after, while Mike is driven
"The Fox", not a language far ends.
 This is how it ends! After all the complex, leaving nothing but endless misery and regret!
"The Chinese", determined to leave the United States, flew back to her Taiwan home,beats by dre review what hi fi, but refuses to let her accompany, perhaps
 Little Qing gave Chen Mu is the one she wants to be the best arrangement, Chen Mu refuse any help, own dissolution
 After all, what than older children, is more sadly lost all rely on? So she will be a small celebration
Any person involved with Yan Chen's death on her refusalRelated Articles:
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