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  Chen Luen loudly and said: really? You can go downstairs now?
  Ah, but a little fever, hiking. Xiaoxiao suddenly want something, think belly was empty, in fact, not the stomach was empty, but didn't get to eat one of these days, she could not eat, but he's in there no no nutrient absorption, isn't it? Sandwiched between the jaw and shoulder microphone, the other end of the table plate, which contained fresh red dates, diversified, red and white, sweet greasy mouths. She picked up one, put it in your mouth.
  Why don't you go downstairs and get a taxi to hospital, I was waiting for you downstairs. Chen Lu said, hurry up!
  Don't be so serious, okay. Xiaoxiao said with, on buckle has phone,beats by dre review techradar, to hospital of road, figured has about Chen Lu of tone, good like has what important of thing,beats by dre review techradar, and inconvenience in phone in said,beats by dre review techradar, can is what thing does, deal is in themselves go Hou he to found Gu Haiyang has, now head easily has vein also clear has, only suddenly a then, Gu Haiyang how will Haggard into as does, in hospital in?
  Heart to hang up 1.1 points.
  Soon, Central Hospital,beats by dre review techradar, saw Chen Lu to go about burning in the distance, seeing her, rushed here draws back the door and dragged her, walking upstairs without saying anything.
  Xiaoxiao earned a bit, asked: you always have to tell me what's the matter?
  Gu Haiyang's mother die?
  Xiaoxiao night's head a loud hum loud for a moment, parading around his head, grabbed Chen Lu's hands: who told you that? Why?
  I is just knows, finished surgery Hou, I wanted to to downstairs asked asked brain surgical of colleagues Gu Haiyang is not he of patients, because I see he face bad, again plus he in here around of, I thought he in brain surgical doctor does, I down Shi, just Gu Haiyang just from doctor Office out, two eye red, I asked has about doctor, only knows is he mother die.
  My mother-in-law is what kind of disease?
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