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Ingredients: date of 30 grams, Astragalus and medlar 12 grams,beats by dre review for dj, Angelica 5 g
1. wash the mushrooms until soft to Dee, towel gourd Peel and wash pieces, tofu pieces aside.
Ingredients: pig's hoof, Loofah, 300 grams, 1 only 250 grams of tofu, mushrooms, 30 grams,beats by dre review for dj, 5 slices of ginger, a pinch of salt
2. the pig's hoof went to wash the chopping block, into the boiling water and cook for 10 minutes, remove rinse water, Astragalus, Angelica into the filter bag in the spare.
3. pot into herbal medicine, pig's feet, mushrooms, ginger and 10 cups of water, fire, after boiling, reduce heat and cook until meat is cooked rotten (about 1 hour), and then continued into the gourd, bean curd for 5 minutes, add salt.
Hipposideros Braised sea cucumber
Effect: apply blood, dredging, lower breast, postpartum physical weakness,beats by dre review for dj, lack of floating juice.
Ingredients: water, sea cucumber 750 g, Trotter 2.
Spices: 800 grams of vegetable oil (consumption approximately 50 grams, it lard 100 g cooked, Jiang Kuai, and 15 grams of soy sauce, cooking wine 25 g, spring onions, ginger oil, salt 20 g, sugar 50 grams, 5 grams of monosodium glutamate, onion 25 grams of sugar a little, wet amount of starch, chicken 1.5 kg.
Features: bright red, hoof quality smell rotten, sea cucumber and soft and delicious.
Shredded pork kidney with
Ingredients--pig kidneys (supermarket on sale)
By: (1) Trotter scraped clean, on the outer side of a knife, boil, bails out of the charged water into the burning 70% heat vegetable oil in the roasting Kettle, FRY until golden brown, remove to drain oil. Sea cucumbers are cleaned and one half to be used with a straight knife. (2) the roasting Kettle lard fried onions, heat fan Jiang Paisong, MSG and cooked into wine and soy sauce,beats by dre review for dj, chicken broth and salt and sugar. The gardener into the roasting Kettle, then put the trotters, boil 1 hour pork leg upside down and then baked pork leg stewed bad, put in the disc. Picked out the onions, gRelated Articles:
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