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  "This is not a good thing, I think you should consider. Try not to take this step. I've seen a lot of people, fate is not very good. "I think I ought to persuade her that girl reminds me of many prison sentences because of going this way. I also have another portion of worry, if she did go, my business will suffer, perhaps would be better, perhaps not. Anyway, there is no feeling of peace enveloped me, made me a lot to take care of this matter.
  "Do you want to know? I have spoken to you. "Miao miao with his hands cupped the hair, moving chairs and sit beside me.
  Ten months later, the mother gave birth to a girl, was stillborn. Mother guarding her baby don't let Grandma throw, until that baby smell, grandma was forced away.
  Crazy mother, Grandma had lost the courage to survive days,beats by dre review bass, down her black hair turned white. However in order to take care of this crazy girl, she was thrust his thin body, began the ground,beats by dre review bass, busy at home. When his mother was pregnant, Grandma hope gave birth to a healthy child, life, there is hope, and hope children are born every day. Pregnant, gave his mother,beats by dre review bass, motherhood, as she started like a normal person can take care of myself, and Grandma went to work in the fields, she is at home to Grandma's cooking, to feed the pigs.
  I am four years old that year, playing in the yard, MOM, playing in the yard, what had come to her, picked up my hands and went out. In one breath, ran to the entrance to the corn field,beats by dre review bass, put me in there, looked at me and cried, and then punched me and slap, crept into the corn, and by the time Grandma and the village people came to me, I have to cry no sound came. And when you find her mother stripped padded in corn fields.
  Mother has no children, has become seriously ill,beats by dre review bass, going to streets to find every day. Grandmother later heard someone in the tieli train station to pick up the baby, aunt and neighbours get to carry me back, mother with me, not lookinRelated Articles:
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