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I thought about it, said as a child stealing things. I never talked with people that matter,
"We never imagined when you were a dismal experience. "She was sorry road.
I suffered a great shame for it, and can even be said that it teaches my whole childhood playing a branded.
"I think," she touched my hair, "I regret most is only Penn State for one year, when the two
A brother, a test study of the junior high school is a high school, home to come up with that kind of money, look worried parents,
"No way out for so many years, has been unable to find that State of mind. And I think, "she stopped
I thought about second half of her sentence, and chest pain. I think she just came to me telling me
Farewell to it,beats by dre review audiophile?
It was late at night.
"Okay," I stood up and looked at the bed and thought about it, "you take the bed off,beats by dre review audiophile, I lay on the couch
"Excuse me, so cold weather. Do you mind if we were lying in bed, okay, you're not going to Huth
We only take off my coat, and then I turned off the light, she lies down next to each other, under the covers.
It was dark, silence, only the sound of the wind outside the window.
"What are your plans in the future,beats by dre review audiophile? "I asked her.
"What can I say? "She sighed in the dark," is probably too many sad things, do not think here
She can go where? To be in another city you will find your lost stuff?
I opened my eyes, as though those details are vivid,beats by dre review audiophile, clear as if it happened yesterday.
"You never forget about me, don't you? "She softly asked.
"Yes." "It pains me to say that. I can no longer remain indifferent and pretend our past insignificant,
She felt out of my emotions, side, gently leaning on me.
"You say we that is love? "She asked.
"......" My nose there was a harshness.
"I don't know how to respond to this question. "Her voice is pretty sad," before I came to you
Henan for a long time and not know it is that all right. Then I wanted to just meet up, maybe not again see
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