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That suddenly becomes serious, an old magician's face. And soon, Seibu will forget what she was doing.
 Seibu was always something I do forgive her.
Sweet sound of flying in the air.
 Seibu will comfort, she likes to look at Seibu hand in race kite posed, like with some sort of strange magic,
 Often,beats by dre quotes, she will look at Seibu silly one afternoon, listening to his music, don't do anything but think good driving
In my life.
 She had always thought they would end up.
Age, she also looked at Seibu,beats by dre quotes, listening to his comfort in an afternoon like a fool.
 Waits himself like a bitch, until their own age like's the Virgin Queen, that ugly, old
 They said Seibu would marry xianyang tomorrow as my wife ... ...
 Suddenly, her down to ... ... She heard around the Green calyx gently say something ... ...
 Only a couple can be together forever.
 She wanted them to shut up, she didn't want to listen to these lies! Last night she also Kung Fu together with Seibu, Seibu
 She is ill, intense pain in the head.
Peeking with bodyguards and servants,beats by dre quotes, Seibu won't just leave her alone!
 Seibu, why not her? Maybe it's just a dream ... ... Just a nightmare, she tried to open my eyes
Steve Johnson, only to find themselves all the limbs and bones body to be torn apart, her forehead is burning very ... ... Dramatic
Flames burning like a mad man on her head, her body,beats by dre quotes, she thought she would die in the terrible fire.
 Mother, anxious cries in her ears, mother constantly touching cold hand on her forehead, and one after another ice
 Wolf song suddenly awoke, figure wandered in front,beats by dre quotes, her tears falling.
Changed another handkerchief on her head, but in no way detracts from her body, intense flame.
 Mother's face is pale! Wolf song efforts to hold back the pain, trying to smile to comfort her, but she can't do it, little
Face twisted into a single laugh.
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