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. Sure enough, the two looked up at,beats by dre pro vs studio, about 40 years old, swaggering appeared before the crowd, with a big belly, his corpulent person, Binaural microphones in a straight line.
"Get out of here, where a small two-drink with the guests of the AH? "Looks like the fat head of Liu yan pig is King of the seven mouths of the brain,beats by dre pro vs studio, that is, the store owner.
Bamboo breeze and Lu Xiaoqi hears this person is really a pair of bullies face, bamboo like the wind on my face, and Lu Xiaoqi said,beats by dre pro vs studio, "where wild dogs, barking, ... ..." while Chun Yu Xia Lu Xiaoqi, says Meng smile.
Liu then will face steering Lu Xiaoqi, immediately for had a faces, because he knows bamboo as wind and Lu Xiaoqi is rare a met of big rich, listening those waiter said shot of tips is several bailiang, so on ran to a views what, believe was hit King seven this lazy,beats by dre pro vs studio, so on will those boss of prestige sub have incisively, but heard Lu Xiaoqi will themselves likened wild, also not anger, please road: "is Ah, this shop small II is only wild, looked two bit son not offense? I have called him a cookie. "Lu Xiaoqi things he dialing to seven.
The better. Bamboo breeze dark praised seven ignition in my mind these things, and he knows that as long as the piss pigs, just to look.
Lu Xiaoqi pretended not to have heard, and continued drinking out loud: "well, good wine, the King brothers, come and stay with you drink several glasses of seven. "Wang Qi come before Lu Xiaoqi of listen daredevil, drained her glass and drank the best, no make that put Liu in the eye should be when that Liu does not exist.
Liu was annoyed the fire, as had always been his way, which Lu Xiaoqi turn on his man out to drink, and how he fucking Wang Qi, so lend a hand to seven from his chair and pulled up,beats by dre pro vs studio, seven nature was bRelated Articles:
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