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Upstairs than downstairs Hall area is small,beats by dre pro vs detox review, but has put ten tables,beats by dre pro vs detox review, there are five private rooms. Package is named Jean,
Of other people's cultures.
Chess, books, paintings, pine, bamboo, Plum, James said. Liao Yan said aren't bad, he can also be regarded as a kind of
Something strange about the structure of this hotel, open on the other side of the Hall on the second floor, ambushed a secluded
Secret space. Stepped three steps down from the open, it was as if hanging in the hotel halfway between the bars.
Bars are also not small, beleaguered by a dozen meters long and the bar, the other side is a high backrest
The box seats, where a Princess carriage in deep space, seems to contain a huge temptation to lights in the bar
What are they doing in the car seat,beats by dre pro vs detox review.
Is blurred and darkened way tie, if there is a man and a woman sitting in there, standing at the bar, how to see
This bar, named: the hanging of Babylon.
At this point, the bar was empty of people, and the entire atmosphere of the bar thus become warm and subtle.
SA-Wu long on a hunch: "air Babylon", which will produce some of its own related story.
Such expectations will evolve into a strong feeling in an instant, and this expectation, "air Babylon," a quiet place
Styx in a darkened atmosphere turned out scenes,beats by dre pro vs detox review, SA-Goku, suggestive scenes.
"How about you? "Liao Yan to go into a bar while saying:" bar opened until after nine o'clock in the evening, here is the
SA-Goku from nature like this place, like the environment,beats by dre pro vs detox review, like the atmosphere here, like Lin Huimin,
Like "Green Haven Spa" all in hotel in extenuation is tender and soft little girl. Can say that again
One step without lured Liao Yan bother, when Goku was perplexed.
Liao Yan from the bar and wine in the kitchen brought out a bottle of Hennessy XO, two goblets, poured two or three ounces, go
Handed out the bar sa Goku have a glass, raRelated Articles:
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