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Points. She looked very serious and said to me: "I'm doing this is because you can make money ... ... My mom was paralyzed for five years,
Small celery's voice began to tremble again.
With enough money, she can own medicine, hospital, doctors said her illness had a glimmer of hope. "Hesitated for a moment,
"What about your father, he cannot earn money to see your mother? Just have to make you ... ... "I swallowed my tongue
To go back.
"Who else in your family,beats by dre pill vs jawbone jambox? "I'm the mercy.
"Also has a younger brother. Brother is still young, but he's very mature. He wanted to go to school, and taking care of my mom ...
… This year,beats by dre pill vs jawbone jambox, he was third on...... "
Little celery has been down, tears in her eyes rolling, blurring her vision, she desperately wanted
Hold back, big drops drip tears or arrived there. I can't help but dropped his head, do not know how
Twitch,beats by dre pill vs jawbone jambox, which undermines the balanced beauty in her face. I'm sorry, it was my error. I urge
Comfort her. When I see her again, I think her face is like treading water in General, facial muscles
Holding her in his arms and let her catch me hit me. Time was like being stagnant at the moment,beats by dre pill vs jawbone jambox, and the day sky sprinkled
All over every corner of the room. Life is surprisingly long,beats by dre pill vs jawbone jambox.
For a long time, small celery just stopped crying and I'll dry her tears on his face, and took her in his arms, the small
Celery with your arm tightly around my waist, and so we hugged each other and had us back together again after one of the most difficult
Forget the day.
In fact, I sometimes wonder whether, what exactly is going on between me and small celery? I was a
Everything can afford to put down people (at least I think it is), this cold city, what I
Doing? If only lust after her body and, of course, small celery has a beautiful body and fuck her forever
No, in order to survive, cruel reality has changed my original mentality. Between us
It seems to not like usual I, but things happen that is so surprising. Later on I tRelated Articles:
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