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  Back, 11th bed River at eye,beats by dre pill sound test, that guy was lying quietly,beats by dre pill sound test, like a dead man. River under a cruel, with Ma Jue as it alone, now feeling yet further. He knows that his physical condition was not appropriate to married. He may not touch the good girl.
  Slept for a night's sleep. Recently not all sleeping, yawning Atrium. He found the patients for the same has this feature,beats by dre pill sound test, 15th bed day and night, sleeping over. 12th day bed a little girl a few night's sleep.
  Nurse sent lunch came, Jiang ordered the pork loin sauteed Lily, this is tiantian's mother called him, she said TCM stress in supplemental form. She often gives little girl eat animal kidneys.
  River bed to wash their hands, ready to eat. Tao Yan suddenly said: Xiao Jiang, there's a stew, you drink it. Said pushing a stew to his presence. Jiang Yi said: leaving tiantian and eat. Tao Yan said her, see kidney, stomach stew I came specially for you, she'll porridge. Jiang Yi said: you are too kind, thank you, Ah, my meal before you drink it. Tao Yan said: Tang drink before a meal, you can stimulate the stomach, conducive to the absorption. Jiang Yi said: is it? No wonder, people in Guangzhou before meals to eat soup.
  Jiang had a soup, dinner, feeling a little too full, hold back on the bed was very uncomfortable, just got out of bed,beats by dre pill sound test, go out to the yard for a few laps.
  Back to the ward, Tao Yan had already gone, tiantian lying in bed, with large open eyes staring at the ceiling. Saw the River back, and presently sat up and asked Jiang to tell a story. Jiang Yi spent ten days in the hospital, Shirley told several stories a day, back inventory to empty stomachs, thought a long time, there is no telling, just to tell her stories,beats by dre pill sound test, he discovered that the stories do have some classic stories, so apt and really speak up.
  River returned to the ward, sitting in bed reading a book. After a half hour, Ma Jue came in. Jiang gave Related Articles:
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