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Take care of you ... ... Really, my word ... ...
 "I'll take care of you! Or...... "cloud and Rainbow flustered smile:" or make you take care of me? Okay?
 We take care of each other! You told me to go to work, I can find the things you can do,beats by dre pill manual, I'm going to help you to apply for a
A new identity, there must be a way! Not only you forgot the past,beats by dre pill manual, there must be a way ... ... "" idiots ...
 Cloud and Rainbow opened his hand, she is not the puzzling ending! Her "don't open your eyes, you see
... The "Krone sighed, his large hand covered her panicked eyes on, wet her eyes quivering body temperature.
To me, won't let me go ... ... "
But her heart hurt Ah!
 "I don't want ... ... EK ... ... Don't do this ... ... "fire his enthusiasm sounds broken, she knew couldn't come back again,
 His lips gently covered her.
 Like the soft silk, thin like butterfly wings, like an Angel's kiss.
 Cold cloud and rainbow of tears slide down her cheeks, her hands gently on the ring Crown solid shoulders. Feel Krone warm knot
 Slowly. He back off, then lingering reluctance to kiss.
Solid chest. She could hear his heartbeat, feel the Crown's hands are gently rubbed her hair.
 How language, words, and they all want to say, but no one said.
 Cloud and Rainbow is still with my eyes closed--if he really had to go, so she didn't want to see him go.
Finally went away.
 She laughed just remember krone, Krone childish face pair with very strong very strong arm-a he
 Door's voice sounded,beats by dre pill manual, cloud and Rainbow suddenly opened his eyes,beats by dre pill manual, the House had no sign of the krone.
 "EK ... ..." she calls, he appeared in the House, from one corner of the room suddenly
 "EK ... ..."
 No faces, like a child playing kroner.
And then jump out and scare her jump, just like he used to do the same.
 Without grinning, Krone always make her laugh.
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