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. Hunter led folks in bamboo mountain hot spring, sprinkled salt, dried on the slate, they can't finish, you can take and the outside world for food. People live not plowing fresh no-woven clothing, happy days.
  Having Long Jun the temple stone, recorded with the above legend, dragons will be carved on the wall "white deer Salt Spring" and "Bao". Long Jun Temple was built in the Han dynasty,beats by dre pill coupon, has been quite the year, but is well maintained, a damaged, organizer repair salt stove owners immediately. Held once a year Long Jun, all persons engaged in repair of contributions made by people of the salt industry, new salts and upgrading to double the pay of the mechanics.
  Temple for the goddess of Mercy Temple on the left, two for the fire temple,beats by dre pill coupon, Wenchang Hall on the right, two for Temple of Mammon. At their ends, each with a two-story building, left for restaurants, the name "Outlook Today" right for the restaurant, known as "history".
  Salt Spring from the center of the faucet's mouth Long Jun Temple exhaled,beats by dre pill coupon, flowing into a dragon in front of the pool. Dragon fountain in front of a piece of iron, there are 69 holes, divided into 69 Bittern. Big boss exclusive possession of a unit of the salt brine, cannot monopolize a unit, every stove days Bittern, paid by days.
  Views of this restaurant is the finest restaurant,beats by dre pill coupon, restaurant is the finest restaurant the theater by history. Don't know if thanks to Long Jun Temple, and both are good business even existed. Now both drink tea eat go to the Opera has become a status symbol, to Nanjing plant to buy merchant of salt,beats by dre pill coupon, if not into the concept of this restaurant to eat and drink, not into history, restaurants go to the Opera with tea, even the richest, the locals did not admit that he is a big cheese.
  So while everyone survive the salt, in fact, very different, some have both brine and stove, others with Bittern has no stove, stove but no brine. Salt brine water, rental kitchen a cooRelated Articles:
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