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Locked himself in the House, lying on the bed for a few days stay. My mom thinks I want to live,beats by dre pill buy, afraid I need to buck up,
Drink it. She was right, I kind of didn't want to live, you can look at home under the old with small, still owe someone a butt
Take care of my dad came to see me every day, talk to me, also called kids meals and water-side to my bed to let me eat
And get it over with, instead of to the scandal. At the end of this month, a kind man in the village to find me
Bonds didn't return, I had to climb up from the bed. Sometimes think, on those days I really dying,
Lot of sympathy for what happened to our family, I usually also well, relatives introduced me to him, in this way, let me
A job, he has relatives led the gang in yangchun for supply and marketing cooperatives to build a warehouse,beats by dre pill buy, to find someone to Cook, he
I don't live up to expectations, failed to live up to their good intentions.
  In yangcun supply and marketing cooperative in half a month, in addition to cooking time cooking three meals a day,beats by dre pill buy, I didn't do anything,
Can also make some money for less, subsidize home. Alas, like him helped our family in the village busy there may
Not one bit of it the wrong way. True, I was not born is a bad man and a thief, this happened to
Before I has always been a part of the people, never done anything bad, either, and no one will help me.
But I have to admit it's exactly what I did in yangcun supply and marketing cooperative for half a month, I only come here to steal buried
Was under a curse. Of course, I can't say that if I don't work to supply and marketing cooperatives would not crime, but suffice to say,beats by dre pill buy, I would like to
Is not yangcun supply and marketing cooperative, you don't come here to steal, wouldn't have stolen so much stuff, committed the crime.
  Yangcun isn't close to little yinzhuang, it's nothing we don't go. Built well after the supply and marketing cooperative warehouse, I
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