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銆�銆�Especially strange to look away, he won't eat Tan Qin to this one. He considers himself to be a container,beats by dre nz warranty, nagging emotion rising water inside, he fills, to be covered.
銆�銆�Lou et set up a mobile phone in the bag, he took out the piece of black brick, pull out antenna made a pass, then Iucci leave, said it was too busy.
銆�銆�Couple stood up and got a visitor.
銆�銆�Lou et walked out the door, turn around and say: "Tan Qin you rest at home tonight, or odd comment!"
銆�銆�Iucci immediately exclaimed: "I am fine with no views, I have to go out to play mahjong!"
銆�銆�Finished his long breath, he managed to catch the opportunity gave her a little in return. He is grateful for mahjong.
銆�銆�Lou gone, especially odd et also dressed up and went out the door, but he didn't go to play mahjong. He felt that his pursuit. For him, Mahjong stage has been on its head, and it has alienated. He can't do other people, he can only be himself.
銆�銆�His small garden sitting under vine in the dormitory area for more than two hours to get home,beats by dre nz warranty.
銆�銆�Iucci had just left the mahjong, that is does not accept solicitation after Poker,beats by dre nz warranty, took a little conflict and Li Moyang section. This day, Li Moyang dust on the desk and said:
銆�銆�"To have a body like one, people outside see what would say?-style hard!"
銆�銆�Was his Chief's desk in the past, but recently he would not be so readily, slowly wiping his desk, or simply don't even bother to catch up. Because he felt that there was a matter of pride,beats by dre nz warranty, is not whether or not that a little power.
銆�銆�Li Moyang arching your finger using a desktop boom: "strange, the dust on your mind? I don't think you have a terrible landslide, this little thing, or should I try it?"
銆�銆�He felt Li Moyang to spit a mouthful of green phlegm on his pride, but there is no way to wipe it away. His career was sick.
銆�銆�Strange to say,beats by dre nz warranty, Li Moyang silently one look. ObviouslRelated Articles:
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