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  Small North! My good sister!
  Gently wipe the tears on the faces of South Jiangsu Province in northern Jiangsu, my tears can't stop rolled down, thinking that brother going to do surgery that cannot be completed, to endure physical pain from time to time, have to struggle with life and worldly prejudices, subei think that knives seemed to cut away from one's body.
  Clinging to the northern Jiangsu in southern Jiangsu, a pair of sister sister cry.
  Hand, foot and even hearts.
  The second part of the fifth chapter (1)
  Na Minglun opens the door, bouncing on the seat of the dust from the car's rear-view mirror, Na Minglun saw his head once a desolate place, Gill mired in two, whose face is almost bone, elongated bright eyes a lot.
  No muscle man will become so ugly, Na Minglun touched the head, decided to go to the car wash, and then went to the store to pick a hat.
  Na Minglun through the discharge formalities,beats by dre noise cancelling, came to the hospital's underground parking lot, and his 213 as the ugly duckling of a dusty in the corner quietly waiting for him.
  Car washing, Na Minglun came to a nearby Mall,beats by dre noise cancelling, Oh weekend, not many people.
  Although he had not used to wearing a hat, but he knows that from now on, he may have life-long association with it.
  Na Minglun when looking in the mirror, Miss to say, Sir, this hat on you like a human being.
  The hat Shoppe, Na Minglun Miss staff pick for themselves under a long trip along the Black Hat.
  Na Minglun asked: like who,beats by dre noise cancelling?
  Said Miss Director Feng Xiaogang.
  Miss asked: am I right? Sir?
  Na Minglun titter laughed, carefully and looked at myself in the mirror, not to mention, apart from the teeth themselves and really sort of Feng Xiaogang's likeness,beats by dre noise cancelling, Gill high cheekbones are sucking on dayanzei.
  Na Minglun says: you know Related Articles:
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