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  I got a bridge parapet looking down, away from the river is highly scary. Zeng Zi ink looked down watch, spit and tongue. We rested for a while, and keep moving.
  Have seen southern bridgeheads, sure enough, exactly as written in the textbooks.
  Me on Zeng Zimo says: "Hey, Hey, nanpu is just ahead, we're going to walk the bridge, was an amazing feat,beats by dre noise cancelling, and, now, come on, come on ... ..."
  To walk the bridge, Zeng Zimo doesn't like me so excited, pace has slowed down, my eyes glued to the sky, grew anxious.
  The 59th
  Finally only 20 metres from the nanpu, victory,beats by dre noise cancelling, I move off to cheering.
  I was thrilled,beats by dre noise cancelling, standing beneath the bridgehead sculpture, as when the capture of Germany as proud as the Soviet Red Army in Berlin. I waved at by Zeng Zi Mo, because both of us bet, I win.
  Zeng Zi ink completely distracted, don't seem to have what I already had won, or go its own way looking days.
  Zeng Zimo disappointment came up to me, depressed, back against the base of the sculpture, lonely looking sky, without saying a Word.
  Distance to nanpu 20 m, Zeng Zimo took 20 minutes, and I also understand why the school orienteering team game in the province have discovered a cause.
  "Hey ... ... and maybe regret is a beauty! Happiness is her own, two people's happiness is not about a Meteor! "I assured her that.
  Zeng Zimo ignored me, continue to looked up at the night sky, seems to be saying to yourself: "the little girl likes the boys took her by the hand, walked across the bridge on foot. Little girls walked, watching the sky, she wants to see a meteor in the sky and make a wish, hoping the boy would never be on her side,beats by dre noise cancelling, but it wasn't until she walked across the bridge and remained on a shooting star ... ... "
  "Yes, finally met a man they like, of course, cannot be easily let go! "I bluntly said.
  I heart "click-" jump a little,beats by dre noise cancelling, such a shock to meRelated Articles:
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