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4. the scraper carefully scoop out each protein bar, and lay flat to dry. Is required to note, because protein bar once cold, they will immediately become hard, brittle, we recommend baking tray do not take out of the oven, remove protein bars directly in the oven, in order to avoid brittle easily after complete removal.
Graham crackers
Frozen frozen BUTTER, then cut into several small pieces and put in large bowl, add sugar, Blender, high speed for about 2 minutes, the fine particles, then add milk, stir, then add the lemon juice, stir, the finished product remains small particles.
Flour, BS,BP, sieve, add mixture, mixed by MIXER, a relatively large gravel particles, particle clusters with a hand up,beats by dre models, into a ball, and packets into the insurance die at once, into the fridge top, frozen for 5 minutes (can also be placed in the following play > for 30 minutes,beats by dre models, I can't wait to put it above).
Dough wrapped in a big fresh model, Rugby ten feet across the fresh mode Rugby 2-3mm full of dough, cut it into your favorite shapes, put the spilled flour COOKIESHEET, each surface, such as a number of CHOCOLATEDROPS, oven Preheat 350F10 minutes in advance, and then bake for 10 minutes or so, or see Brown on the surface. COOKIESHEET inside a minute, and then removed,beats by dre models, on a cookie rack to cool 5-10 minutes would be great
It can be a simple, anyone can do it, if no MIXER the butter cut into small grains, and note the flour and mix, you can make an equally delicious COOKIE.
Wheel biscuits
1. cream sugar and eggs, after sent into two halves.
 Soft yellow sugar 180 butter 180 grams, one gram, eggs,beats by dre models, cake flour 3 cups,beats by dre models, BP1, and 12 small spoons, 1 tablespoon cocoa powder.
2. Add BP cake flour, sifting down into two halves, joined the screen well half of the cocoaRelated Articles:
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