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  Jiang Mei are also aware of their responsibilities in the shoulder. As I said she has no experience in auditing, easy to be fooled, she immediately called relatives in Jilin as an accountant, asks a lot of intellectual issues.
  --I reminded her that in the interview pay attention to the interviewee's eyes, because people were trying to hide something, eyes will unconsciously in one direction, often hiding the truth! One of my colleagues have used this method successfully found a evidence.
  After her group of producers agree that Jiang Mei mood with some trepidation and a camera on the road,beats by dre mixr review.
  Ginger interview upon returning,beats by dre mixr review, her producer sent an old editing help, program editing out quickly.
  Fortunately,beats by dre mixr review, interviewed did not envisage the difficulty of so much. However, I taught those who cram "Earth" also serve in the capacities. According to Jiang Mei said, she is looking for a grain,beats by dre mixr review, but at that time the Secretary is not here, they find a grain Depot, Depot just standing past due. Jiang Mei requested a look recently out of detail, grain official said he still had not, looking for someone to take in the future. Said with eyes unconsciously looked at stacked on a pile of books on the desk. Jiang Mei immediately aware of the problem, and finally "do it yourself",beats by dre mixr review, it was dark out from the pile of books in the grain and Golden Valley companies traded contracts, which made this interview the most critical breakthroughs.
  Program response is huge. That night, notice of a call, ask us to send videotapes of the show and writing scripts, and leaders want to see.
  On June 8, the bootlegs grain deficit hangs ledger in the focus interview broadcast. This is the prime focus in the grain of big bang swipe food system corruption in the first shot.
  I know that must have been Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji.
  I later learned that, Zhu urged Taiwan leader, conveyed Premier Zhu's instructions, thatRelated Articles:
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