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  Big fish was finished a cigarette, she ordered one, halfway into the second smoke when she heard the door ring. She deliberately ignored, pretending not to hear. A moment later, she heard the footsteps "stamp" approached.
  Big fish downstairs, when I start the car, hands shaking. Crazy colours have been chasing her, let her heart unable to calm down. Big fish down at the wheel for a while, then drive home. Came home, saw Zhang Haotian was not at home, was stripped of big fish. She lighted a cigarette to the balcony, new site not far from the lights still on, motor noise, knock sound coming from time to time, there is smell of oil floating in the air.
  One stepped up behind her, she never looked back. Two popularity speaking into a vast construction site.
  --Where are you going,beats by dre mixr fakes?
  --Sing with note of them, they made me go.
  --Oh, Yes.
  --You call home,beats by dre mixr fakes?
  --Good. How about you, right?
  --Yes, I've been playing, again and again, many times, and got tired. You should let me know, saved me all over for you.
  --Not so much, is still old, father to commit suicide. Mother wants to take over my entire property.
  --Lest someone cheated me of my money,beats by dre mixr fakes.
  --Who knew who she meant, nuts! Forget it, don't tell her we sleep!
  Big fish put it out on the balcony railing, and then facing away from a hard throw, threw a dark night.
  The third part there's nowhere (3)
  At night, Zhang Haotian wrong and felt the excitement of big fish. He did go to the cabaret tonight, but not with a note to go with GE small fine, he was the one to "songs like the sea". He didn't find what he was looking for people, but he felt there, everything is suspicious, especially the barmaid named Nana, flashing words,beats by dre mixr fakes, quite deliberately, like he was hiding something.
  He vaguely felt someone touch him,beats by dre mixr fakes, that woman sleeping next to him, naked, sRelated Articles:
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