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. They told me to Ze of China Mobile down,beats by dre mixr cheapest, now in the national people's Congress in the twin Elm near rent a new House that he lived there and gave me a new phone number, then she tells them the day before.
  December 21, 2001 I punctually to the rendezvous point--He Zehua met dongmen garden, Renmin University--where I first met her. 20th my monitor on duty, should make up for sleep in the morning, in the afternoon to continue its work.
  She came, did not look too good, hair seems to be a bit of a mess. She looked at me and slowly handed the book over. I pulled out a picture of her in her purse, gave it back to her, and asked her: "do you have pictures of me yet? "She said:" in my house. "I said:" tear it. "-Maybe I was trying to save a little face. And then turned and left, have never seen her again in the future.
  In ten minutes the enemy was coming, I surreptitiously looked around. Wow, full is familiar of faces,beats by dre mixr cheapest, because this is big ending, and locations near foreign embassy district, if in captured in the enemy running is will caused extremely bad of international effects, so for ensure captured smooth completed, was sent of Scout has nearly 40 people, which many are is we this a came to t organ of, even in six Council is responsible for intelligence analysis of meat meatballs are station in street side pretending see newspaper. But everybody was like acting, years of work to get us to hone into a full-fledged agents.
  17:27, I saw c spy Alfred walking ahead of me, he doesn't know about China's anti-spyware warriors already have thrown a blanket for him.
  In fact, I still felt a bit of a mess, I don't know why, though I try not to think of Ze hua, her image is always in front of my eyes, and every time is watching a meteor shower that night,beats by dre mixr cheapest, her mysterious smile, seemed to be trying to teRelated Articles:
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