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  And: say no, not that of the border town of yellow, but that adventure.
  Hansen: like the after the rain and the Cedar seed '?
  And: Yes, criticisms that are yellow.
  Hansen: deep old, but also have their own opinions, right?
  And: he has, no matter what anybody says,beats by dre logo, he said, not for what you wrote.
  From the text: when the whole country is eating tobacco weighing, not a thing.
  Hansen: you work with prostitutes, bandits, and generally is holding a critical attitude, your own perception of what these people have,beats by dre logo, for example, smoking opium ... ...
  Hansen: critique my impression is that you are not in order to condemn these people.
  From the text: is written. Still with sympathy.
  From article: sympathy for the oppressed people (cry).
  Hansen: yesterday I saw English your health, it is write ... ...
  From the text: grew up on this familiar when he first came to Beijing, contact more.
  Hansen: want to talk about the liberation of job. I'm not too familiar with, when did you start interested in heritage?
  Hansen: when engaged in literary creation, late 20 's, 30 's, 40 's, have not lost interest?
  From the text: have always been interested in, collect a lot of lacquer ware, porcelain, silk ... ...
  Hansen: about cultural heritage, what have 50 writing?
  From the text: writing several books, Silk designs of the Phoenix art ... ...
  Hansen: (the study of ancient Chinese clothing) who come out? When a mix up?
  From the text: (on the twists and turns of this book) ... ...
  Hansen: (see Taiwan by deleting the authors of the study of ancient Chinese clothing stolen copies of) Taiwan published literary work you can't change,beats by dre logo?
  From the text: the joint literature ever made,beats by dre logo, no changeRelated Articles:
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