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Ugly start walking, it didn't look like a regular old stepped on the point, he flung a band that few people
Call, the band also intended to tease him, was for him to step on the point. And then, finally on point, but finished phase one
Said that he forgot the words. Ugly, told the audience, what? One more ring. And go after the walk, ugly, open
Starting speech: "my name is old, my mom is angry with me when my father always naughty, as a result,beats by dre limited edition, months enough was born,beats by dre limited edition,
With that, a strange, features on his face twisted into a straight right away.
Audiences were thrilled, stamped.
Happy new year Ah ... ... That voice is very good, very, exuberant. With soju metaphor, it's 80 degrees, but also especially
Then he started singing, it seems to be of the new year visit, what comes in the first month, new year 's, little old
There was a smell of its own,beats by dre limited edition.
Shortly thereafter, beauty blank female role in Chinese traditional operas, and after she was surprisingly a very
Authentic Kunqu Opera. Look like a "Dai-funeral flowers". Incredible, incredible.
Thus, the two men began to dance and sing, sing it a drama like Chongzhen cry SOS, first from Zhu Yuanzhang's open
Starts to cry and cried to the 18 emperors of the Ming dynasty. Swallow and the old stalks turns here Chongzhen Emperor, the same
Was weeping uncontrollably,beats by dre limited edition, tears a snot. Along by the audience with limited audience cried. Despite this,
Two actors are still funny, when singing, the ugly got it wrong--of course, intentional fault, female role in Chinese traditional operas
He gave a neck chute! Beep! Audience audience it so real, by acclamation. What are Gen.
Sing, back and forth, ugly female role in Chinese traditional operas,beats by dre limited edition, at least an "a" seven or eight. Sometimes with a fan,
Absolutely true.
Sometimes with the hands, is sometimes also took off his shoes, footwear stew in shallow water! Of course, none of that is true. But it looks like it is
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