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  First came to Shenzhen, the beginning of how difficult it? I've been looking for relatives and friends, hope in my difficult time to help me, but I was disappointed, I was one of those cold faces, is a mercenary man faces. I began to understand the world, doggedly struggle in life is the sea. For many years I didn't even know that tears are okay,beats by dre keyboard, I was crying, upset, crying.
  I am determined to succeed, not to please anyone. So, I worked doggedly, desperately struggling to achieve this ambition, I had to cut out with a standing relationship, I'm not ungrateful Han,beats by dre keyboard, I wanted to prove that he is an upright man. I chose a path of no return, and didn't want to drag her, didn't want to hurt her, painfully had to make such a choice. I want to prove I'm not weak, I have to be stronger than others!
  I was in Shenzhen fell. What is the Shenzhen? some say she is an open window,beats by dre keyboard, it is said that she is a paradise for adventurers, it is said that she is Heaven, it is said that she was a dying VAT. People out there dead flesh, only to see her appearance of luxury, can't see her luxurious exterior that is filled with the cure, full of corruption,beats by dre keyboard, full of money inside. At that time, I came with same her a Knight, she is full of temptations. A few years later, my players to come down, because could not resist the temptation.
  As their work involves, I started into a wide variety of high-end entertainment, little by little, a correct Outlook on life, values in the materialistic madness, disappeared without a trace. I am loyal, hardworking, and larger entertainment foothold in Shenzhen soon,beats by dre keyboard, and lots of friends here, there are domestic, abroad, the business world or underworld. Under the lure of a group of friends, I learned the drug from falling in.
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