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A baby!
 He no longer the lonely boy who prayed a little love, no longer crying that hide in the dark
 "Don't cry--" he took her in his arms, and the opening in the throat: "worth it! With your love you enough!
 Chou Fan nodded in his arms, but was unable to stop tears in torrents! Her heart! He must be selected
Optional and heartache! He never got a little love and cry!
 She listened to him, not sure,beats by dre jobs, sort of resurgence of anger: "what are you afraid of what? If you don't want to
 Du Xiaotian hold out hands cover her mouth: "How could I not? I just want you to think clearly
 Tang Hao?!
 Last time this name has entered her heart! Du Xiaotian never mentioned this name in front of her,
He is afraid of her sorrow, heartache, so he didn't have to say this, inside his tortured mind.
She's a very cruel woman,beats by dre jobs!
 Thought of him three years to get this thing in my heart, and still take care of her, her heart clench!
 "No Tang Hao. "She must be up to him.
He did not require all!
 Du Xiaotian smiled as long as her sentence was enough! He does not ask what, as long as she was with him,
 "You ask me and he is all about? "She puzzled inquiry,beats by dre jobs, change another man never would be so light
Easy to let go, unless deep enough – he is not jealous, love her!
 "No, I don't need to know, what I have now and in the future, you used to love what's not important,beats by dre jobs,
 The man's heart can accommodate the entire Earth!!
 "You don't have to-"
 Chou Fan sitting next to him, put his arm around his waist he buried in his arms: "I thought I loved before Tang Hao-
 "I want to,beats by dre jobs! "She insisted on looking up at him:" I want my husband to know his future wife only he
Love yourself, trust your own is his pursuit of a lifetime of hope!
 "Chou Fan-" he touched beyond words, just hold her quietly. Knew one of the men of all
 He can be satisfied with a point, but she insisted on giving his full, complete! No fRelated Articles:
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