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. When for years bribed Tian Yuzhen of the cadres of people the first time, she was a shock,beats by dre insurance, and a suddenly dry
Han bin,beats by dre insurance, see Tian Yuzhen froze where he had fallen away.
"Come back! "Tian Yuzhen snapped.
Han bin sounded surprised to turn around and saw Tian Yuzhen stood, pointing to the red envelope on the table, "If you have money
Han bin winked, lower his head and said: "I heard that Lin, Director, Lin Taipo took part in this competition, I'm afraid,beats by dre insurance, but
"She's rich? "Tian Yuzhen somewhat puzzled.
"When she became a Director in a dozen years, no money? Moreover, her husband is a lawyer, and income or less. This family is the only thing I
Tian Yuzhen Han bin bonus away, or cancel his bidding qualification. Han bin tramp.
The results, bid on the second day, the former Director Lin didn't show up. Han bin to the neighborhood turned a month 2,beats by dre insurance,500
Profit amount bid. Not satisfied with this result not only Mitsubishi nor Tian Yuzhen waiting for best results.
Han bin to hold his red left, in what he gave Tian Yuzhen odors: "a dozen years as a Director,beats by dre insurance, not
Look at the neighborhood House, except there are two decent tiles and a "Kony" sound, the rest is all broken broken
Black desk, chairs, even the glass plates on the table was broken apart, by a black cloth pasted, like the previous generation, passed down from
Tian Yuzhen thinking deeply, that Ye Xiu Yu hang out in front of her eyes, and she didn't wake up.
Yet splendor, dressed sets her beauty just right.
Ye Xiuyu was born with a pair of gorgeous, a full face, eyes often stayed up all night and was somewhat tired,
"I hear you you and your husband after a divorce, you may also carefully to serve the elderly, for his, and everyone in a spoonful of roadway
"Field officers, are you going to give me a chaste? "Ye Xiuyu bite asked.
"HA ... ..." Ye Xiu yu laughed, "director Tien, you still not comprehensive enough for my investigation, I am not a Sinestro
Number two, there is a ' killer ', "said Ye Related Articles:
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