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  Men look ... ... Ignore does not remember! So beautiful was due to follow in the rear of the beauty, so Hui-yu and YFly while ignoring the man in front, locking eyes directly on the back of the body beautiful.
  "Fire birds, little devil, both of whom are ... ...": what is the name of the man, two guys have completely missed, but know that beautiful woman named Helen, but Thunder itself from two groups of people picking a group, this would have been enough.
  Probably most easily be cheated, when the wife is the kind of girl! Strangely, g/f, Hui-yu and YFly coincides with the same conclusion.
  Helen is beautiful, light shades of blond curls, beautiful paved the shoulder pretty dusty. Regular features on the face, subtle and edgy, like a fine Jade Buddha was born in hands of the craftsman, soft and bright as the sunshine. Even more interesting, is the touching of her aqua-blue eyes, as opposed to at the base usually see strong skill in Helen's eyes looked a little confused.
  "Alas! Lonely is the man to do something stupid, the best accelerants,beats by dre in ear headphones warranty, and produce in the lonely love, resulting only in bitterness. Being a man, how can I bear to, you silly underground hell? "Hui yu mercilessly retaliate.
  Out, in Helen of before, YFly immediately posing a Deputy handsome chic of gentleman looks, but he didn't thought, FAI Yu that guy was without disguised surface showed themselves on Helen of interest,beats by dre in ear headphones warranty, while also not color narrowed narrowed, but any who also can see, FAI Yu of sight has been no left Helen that article water blue of upskirt, and Monroe shoulder shorts package Xia of bimodal,beats by dre in ear headphones warranty, also has that Zhang must beauty of face, completely put also that male of as transparent people.
  Because negotiations with no result, so the two decided to: let the girls choose.
  Huh! To win! YFly bottom excited cheering,beats by dre in ear headphones warranty.
  At this, Hui yu nodded, and his charming smile and.
  YFly knows, it is Victor's smile.
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