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  Regardless of the month falls still gets up in the morning,beats by dre executive wiki, I look forward to your homing day and night.
  Sleep I'll pillow your name, write the brightest star in the sky;
  Confused there confused,beats by dre executive wiki, let me light your way.
  How bleak is the loneliest distance, let me reassure the vicissitudes of life.
  I'll pillow your name go to sleep, you write the brightest in the heart;
  You give me the girl of your dreams, you're beyond my care,
  These gentle gentle music in the desk is Anna Zhao Qiao Feng's idea, and the cause was a United States movie.
  In private rooms, listen to the song Jin Shanji respectively, Zhang Wei,beats by dre executive wiki, Timi Zhuo, Chen sang the beautiful rhythm of the song, just like drinking a cup of delicious ice wine, broken heart to cheer up rapidly, I believe that tomorrow the Sun will still rise. Implied in the stock market: If today is good Friday, the day after tomorrow is Easter,beats by dre executive wiki, stock smiles will not lose. Get carried away when you hear this song, can watch their own homing as soon as possible on the one hand,beats by dre executive wiki, on the other hand, don't forget there's a person you care at a distance.
  Private equity has been regarded as China's stock market a "secret teacher", mystery, traders acting style is powerful, flexible, and high-profit, low-risk, there is a very mature business model and the best human resources. Abroad, the equity markets have become mainstay in the United States was in its heyday, Warren Buffett, George Soros and other speculators is the idol of millions of investors. In most domestic investors minds, China private equity fund is the "banker" synonymous. Bull markets and strong performance of zhuanggu rocket-launching an enviable dribble when a bear market funds breaking zhuanggu highboard diving is thrilling.
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