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  I asked for a cup of tea, and asked for a cup of Chamomile tea in the summer, picked up one seat in drinking while talking.
  "What's the matter? So invite me out to dinner! "I drank a SIP of tea,beats by dre executive serial number, tea tasted alcohol, although a little bitter, but unlike other tea is strong.
  Near xinjiekou has just opened a Taiwan snack shop "tea" in English is chatea, is said to be nice, tired of eating KFC and Pizza Hut, also think that it is necessary for us in the summer for a change.
  "Well, aren't your thing, I'm growing to like meddling, not hastily eunuchs of the Emperor! "Summer smiled and said, a look of self-deprecation.
  "Don't be! Wish you as much as you can, if you hadn't ... ..., wine I'll offer you a cup of tea! "I carried the Cup said.
  Zi Mo behind me again, I really don't know what to say to do, holding the tea was struck speechless.
  "Oh, I don't need to mind your business, if it weren't for my sister-in-law called thousand words at a time charged,beats by dre executive serial number, I just don't have the time to do it! "Summer, gently sipped the tea said.
  "Okay, okay,beats by dre executive serial number, it's not like we first meet, all the red tape, I don't know what drugs you put ink under, let him go head over heels for you! So many handsome guys before, I can see that are a bit jealous, she rid herself adroitly, did not expect to see you ... ..., "Summers told me.
  "Well,beats by dre executive serial number, thank you for your compliment! Today you get me to, not to talk about it! "I quickly change the subject.
  "I did not run, you're saying, is completely the truth, only a genius like you, I only see that stuck-up sister-in-law of my eyes,beats by dre executive serial number, I was actually a compliment! "Summers said. I think these words probably only carrying Mexican, summer will dare to take out the unscrupulous builders.
  "Oh, really, who deleted it? "Tensions in the summer asked.
  "I doubt associated with Zhong Guoqiang, although this is not necessarily he personally did it! "I've got a few days ago something simple Related Articles:
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