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. Such treatment is so good. Xiaobo once didn't do well, "in disgrace".
  I have also worked as a pet, but the time is very short. However, there's a wonderful memories I just very satisfying.
  You must want to know now, darling of the math class, his name is Peng. In one case, played 80 minutes for Xiao Peng math,beats by dre executive release, teacher made him has claimed a Division. I think there is no pride after Xiao Peng became the new darling of, or to maintain the image of the fool, this is hard to come by.
  This is really good, and people who came up with this idea should be given bonuses. This urged the students to study hard, sounds intimate and,beats by dre executive release, unlike the teacher always said, don't study hard spanking, that would only cause side effects.
  Today, the first time I saw the teacher cried, and I was very excited.
  Some female students also cried, one of the most distinctive,beats by dre executive release, nor known to be sympathetic to the teachers, for Sun is also expressed anger, crying,beats by dre executive release, biting his hand, as if to try does it hurt.
  40 minutes finally passed, students were are threes to to to see a see teacher, can and can't blatant to in,beats by dre executive release, on pretending to wash, passing teacher Office Shi secretly to see a eye, I is a submissive of students, can't to see, on to those back of people asking, they faces painful to said: "teacher cry has full a section class, now also in cry. "
  Head teacher, persuaded the teacher says: "forget it, forget it......" then the teacher can't help but feel wronged, there are already signs of crying was 1.1 points to cry, then like the huangguoshu falls splashed tears, mouth toot "I don't wanna live, I don't want to live ... and ...".
  Sun has become the object of our hatred, my deskmate and another classmate just like discussing military secrets, shoulder touching his shoulders, eyes sideways eyes: "How about in the afternoon ' flat ' no, ' flat ' Sun? "It looks very sense of Justice. But did not expect, in the afternoon, they began to moRelated Articles:
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